OxyOasis® is a unique offering that provides an important aspect to your beauty treatment regime. This device immerses the face in a mist that is both oxygen-rich and invigorating. Combine it with one of its 12 serums and 3 activators and you have a tailored experience that will leave you feeling beautiful and restored.

Micro-Mist Facial

This is the most basic function of the OxyOasis® device, a misting system that provides you the gentlest facial you’ve ever received. Wrapping the face in an oxygen-rich mist comprised of one of the serums available for use with this product, you’ll have your beauty concerns addressed and your skin restored and beautiful.

Oxygen Ceuticals®

Aromatherapy has been shown to have some powerful effects on a health and beauty regimen, stimulating healing in the skin, peace in the mind, and clarity in the body. The OxyOasis® system is designed to handle the delivery of aromatherapeutic blends using their oxygen ceuticals line. Lift your spirit and your face with this option.

Enriched Oxygen Delivery

Unique among beauty treatments, the Enriched Oxygen Delivery system ensures that that most vital of elements, oxygen, is available for use by our skin as your receive your beauty treatment in an oxygen-rich environment. The OxyOasis® leaves you with reborn beauty that’s like a breath of fresh air.