Esthetic Services

Skin Analysis & Facial Mapping

Skin Analysis and Facial Mapping are centuries-old techniques used to determine what underlying causes create issues in the skin. Various forms of outbreaks on the skin are thought to reveal imbalances in the body that can be corrected through treatment, diet, and exercise. We provide a full suite of services to identify and address these concerns.

Advanced Facial Treatments

Aging, stress, our environment, and sun damage can take their toll on our natural beauty, causing age spots to appear, and irregularities like wrinkles and other skin disorders to form. Advanced facial rejuvenation treatments provide options for restoring youthful beauty.

Complete Facial Services

Our full suite of services will ensure that your skin concerns are addressed in a manner that fits both your preferences and your lifestyle. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and oxygen infusion can all be used to enhance your beauty, reduce scars and roughness, and leave you looking refreshed.


Your youthful glow can be restored as wrinkles, stretch marks, and even hyperpigmentation are addressed using our micro-crystal infused treatment. Best of all? There’s no downtime.

Abrasion Free Liquid Facial

Sensitive skin can’t always be treated with microdermabrasion. We offer an abrasion-free liquid facial that gently moisturizes and cleanses away  impurities, restoring the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and minimizing age spots.

Oxygen Infusion

An oxygen-rich environment can help boost the health of your skin. Minimizing the outer damage and restoring the inner beauty can all be achived with an oxygen infusion.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can provide skin with the opportunity to restore itself. Chemical peels cause the top layer of skin to painlessly peel away, leaving fresh healthy skin underneath, while minimizing wrinkles and damage to the surface. Sun sensitivity is a concern when using this treatment so please take timing into consideration when booking your appointment.

Eye Treatments

Many factors can cause lumpy, unattractive under-eye bags, including allergic reactions, sickness, or simply not getting enough sleep. Our eye treatments can reduce unsightly bags and leave you looking bright-eyed and refreshed.

Esthetician Massage Services

Think massage is only for the elite athlete or the highly pampered? We want you to think again! Massage helps to stimulate cells and the flow of blood to the massaged region while clearing the lymph nodes, relaxing the mind, and generally aiding in restoring youthful vitality to the face. Massage is for you, too!

Full Body Care

Allow yourself to be taken care of with a full body treatment. A full body treatment can aid in the removal of old dry skin, blemishes, and can tighten up problem areas like loose skin or cellulite.


Using a special blend with our own aromatherapeutic enhancement, our sugar scrub will invigorate your skin, clear away dead cells, and improve the overall tightness and elasticity everywhere it touches. There’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling of our sugar scrub being carefully applied and gently rinsed away.


Wraps are used to apply rich, moisturizing materials to the skin. Our wraps contain ingredients that will help to pull out impurities and toxins in the body, as well as brighten and aid restoration of youthful elasticity to the skin.


Why shave? Our gentle waxing process ensures that you never have hair where you don’t want it. Waxing is a long-term solution that helps avoid the irritation that comes with shaving every day, reducing wear and tear on the skin. 


Using the power of specific spectrums of light, the Poly Rejuv system helps to encourage natural rejuvenation of the skin and boost your body’s restorative processes. 

RED Light Therapy

Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, thrive and flourish in the presence of red light, encouraging our cells to produce collagen and restore damaged areas in the process. Our red light therapy system reaches the dermis (the middle layer of skin) and can restore elasticity and beauty.

BLUE Light Therapy

Blue light therapy has been used to help treat both sun damage and scarring from acne. Blue light has also been shown to effectively treat seasonal depression.

Infrared Therapy

Age spots, scars from acne, rosacea, and other conditions that affect the overall appearance of our skin can be treated with red and infrared light. Infrared Therapy boosts the body’s restoration of collagen, healing the skin, and restoring elasticity and plumpness.