Cocoon Wellness Pro®

We present the leading edge of health and wellness technology, the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod, bringing ancient healing practices into the modern day. This amazing pod system comes with six programs that are pre-installed, each of which combines one or more of vibration massage, dry heat, salt treatment, jade stones, and aromatherapy. Total body wellness has never been so easy.


This pod system provides the perfect environment to aid you in relaxation and rejuvenation, helping toxic stress leave your body through the warm, cocoon-like interior. The soothing power of dry heat, massage, and aromatherapy combine to give you the most relaxing experience of your life.

Power Nap

Research has shown that a mid-day power nap can have incredible effects on your productivity and overall joy in life. Taking a power nap in a Cocoon Wellness Pod makes an already powerful and rejuvenating experience into an uplifting and inspirational one. Take your power nap in a cocoon.


General wellness requires the release of stress, relaxed and limber muscles, and a positive attitude. Each of these can be achieved through a little self-care in a Cocoon Wellness Pod. Let the aromatherapy elements lift you up and inspire your mood and spirit while the vibration massage eases the pain of stiff muscles. Combine it with a salt treatment to seek out the toxins hidden in your body and clear and rejuvenate your skin.


Keeping fit can certainly take its toll on your body, leaving you worn and sore at the end of each workout. Enhance your exercise goals through the use of fitness bands in our hyperthermic, heated Cocoon Wellness Pod. During and after exercise, let the heat and comforting warmth drain away the sore muscles from your workout and revitalize your mind, leaving you ready to face the day.

Weight Loss

Use of the Cocoon Wellness Pod can assist you in your weight loss goals. While not a weight loss program, the Cocoon Wellness Pod can help suspend the down moods that often come with a weight loss journey, and work to enhance your own diet and exercise plan using aromatherapeutic combinations. 


The power of scent has long been known in the world and has been used by many cultures throughout. With the Cocoon Wellness Pod, you can immerse yourself in a warm, relaxing environment and experience an aromatherapeutic bouquet that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and uplifted.


Everyone knows that the body runs on oxygen, but many are unaware of just how vital it is to every aspect of our existence. While you’re relaxing in a Cocoon Wellness Pod you can add in the benefit of having oxygen enriched air soothing and treating your skin with advanced beauty.