Cocoon Skin Wellness Pro®

The Cocoon Skin Wellness Pro Hydrothermal Sensory Pod provides an incredible experience, immersing you in a full-body solution that can gently warm the skin while aqua-foliating away dead skin and toxins, all without the drying effect of most exfoliating methods. Clean, healthy perspiration will open up your pores, leaving your skin feeling and looking beautiful.


Moisture is vital to healthy skin, and the Cocoon Skill Wellness Pro was specifically designed to give skin the most hydrating experience on the market. Cleansing and purifying as you go, the Skin Wellness Pro will gently hydrate your skin and provide it with a beautiful and resilient luster.


Our bodies are exposed to thousands of toxins, from the food we eat to the water we drink and the air we breathe. The Cocoon Skin Wellness Pro provides a purifying experience that will help open up your pores, clear away dead skin and surface toxins, and dispose of them in a clean and therapeutic way.


Combine vibration, steam diffusion, radiant heat, and an oxygen-enriched environment for a superior set up that can restore youthful vitality and tone to your skin. Treat yourself to the most advanced technology employing the most venerated ancient techniques with the Cocoon Skin Wellness Pro.


Aromatherapy is the science of using select fragrant substances to produce positive effects on the body, from uplifting the mood to boosting the metabolism. Using the built-in system of the Cocoon Skin Wellness Pro, you can add the benefit of an aromatherapeutic treatment to your skin wellness regime.


While you’re relaxing in a Cocoon Wellness Pod, add the benefit of oxygen-enriched mist to soothe and treat for beautiful, dewy skin.